Millie – Reflection on Antigone

The story of Antigone was filled with a lot of death and feelings of loss. Closer to the end of the story almost all of the main characters were dead. I found that the characters were killing themselves because someone else had died and it seemed as though it started a cycle of death caused by a previous death. I know personally I have experienced family members and loved ones dying. My whole family was sad and hurt, not to the point of killing themselves, but it is hard to lose someone and I feel bad for Creon. He stays alive, but all of his family has died, other than Ismene who will also live with the despair of all her family being dead.

Antigone was an interesting character. In the story she is very strong minded and will do anything to follow the law of the gods, even if it meant risking her own life. In the book she was engaged to her cousin Haemon and it seems as though they must’ve loved each other, because when Haemon finds Antigone dead he also kills himself. Antigone fell fighting for what she believed in. She only wanted her brother to have a proper burial and instead more people died. Creon had a difficult situation in the story, he has very strong morals that he wishes to keep, and doesn’t want to make exceptions for family. If he had buried Polynices when he died along with Eteocles, he wouldn’t have lost so much of his family. Creon makes many of the same mistakes that Oedipus did in his story. Even when it came to Tiresias’ warnings both Oedipus and Creon didn’t pay any attention, and both paid the price. I think it is safe to say that if approached by a profit named Tiresias, you should believe them it may spare a lot of pain.

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