Antigone reflection

This book is filled with despair, loss and agony. Comparing it to Oedipus the King, I didn’t find that play as emotional as this one. Antigone manages to bring up many important subjects that are still relevant.  Like feminism; and how the chase for money may blind you. I like to note how valid these things are today.

Despite the fact that this play was a bit hard to read due to the rich language and a few confusing analogies, I enjoyed it. It was interesting to see Creon in such a miserable state at the end. This was one of those characters that I found unpleasant from the start, and seeing his character unwrap one page at a time was quite great.

Creon is left to suffer the rest of his life alone, mourning at his family’s tombs. Ismene lives as well, but the memories of her sister and her family-tree will remain with her. The best thing she can do is learn to cope with these things and live a happy life. No matter how horrible your past is, you can always choose to start living your best today.