End year of Reflection

End year reflection:

This year was an amazing year, English lit DP 1 was a great year. Each class was a great and I always looked forward to each class. It was never boring but it was enjoyable even though sometimes I fell asleep in some classes, I did enjoy going to English classes. During the time I had in English lit DP 1 I learned that not to be to quick to judge a character without reading more into the book. One of the books that I loved to have read was The Awakening By Kat Chopin. It was one of the most interesting books that I have read out of all the books that I’ve read so far. In all honesty I thought that this English would be more boring and about how to write a paragraph and where to put punctuations and all of that stuff. I wasn’t expecting to have to read books and reflect about them this year, actually I wasn’t expecting to even read as many books as we read this year at all.

This English class was wonderful and I enjoyed going to and being in the classes as well. Being in this class I’ve learned some new things and read books that I would have never heard of, or looked for in a book store. The books that we’ve read this year where great to read to enjoyable to me. I hope that next year and was as amazing as this year was.

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