DP1 Year-End Reflection

What I have learned and will remember from DP1 English is most likely that Good literature does not send massages but raised questions, or perhaps hairs. And also the “Do with what you have right now”… Although I have never done the latter.

I will forever remember Mr. MacKnight and his, drumming and music, and the wide assortment of books he made us read, which were quite good.  Lastly but not least, the rage of Humor that we were target to, wonderful entertainment or slightly embarrassing depending on which side of it you were on, spectator or target, although it often sprung up from a more serious point and so could be perceived as something with an educational root.

Through all of this we trudged through difficult terrain of pages, armed with our nearly amnesiac teenage brains, following a guide with excellent drumming skills and a less politically-correct and perhaps dry sense of humor. We delved, slowly, into some very pressing questions that have been questionable ever since they came up about… some time ago.  Thus our brains have increased their wrinkledge.

This has been a very interesting and memorable year on the whole.

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