DP1 End of The Year Reflection

This year was my first year actually learning how to analyze English literature. I have to say, it has been a great challenge for me. English is my second language, and I only started using it daily to communicate with people last year, so being in a class with everyone that is fluent in English creates a lot of stress and expectation for me. I would always set standards and compare myself with my classmates, but I always feel that I am far behind them. At the beginning of the year, I had a lot of trouble reading the texts, and I thought that it was not very easy and took forever to read them. I noticed that my reading speed was much slower than my classmates, but I thought the books I read were interesting. Later on, as more books I read, I noticed the time I needed to finish a chapter was much faster, and I think my analytical skills have improved, and I can detect different clues in books.
For all my assignments, I have always spent a lot of effort on it, and sometimes it might even take hours to finish a personal response or a simple daily reading journal. And every time I get really stressed and unmotivated on it, I think that I would need to make it as perfect as possible to match with my classmates, so I often stress myself out a lot and end up handed in the assignment late. Also, I get frustrated because of all the hours I have spent on different assignments, but my teacher has never marked any of them…
Other than that, I have gained much more knowledge on a different world and social issues. I have learned the most about Feminism and gender inequality. As a man in the society, I have never thought of the hardships a woman has to go through, but through this class, I have gained a much better perspective. I would say the begining, I did not understand the main idea of the different literature, for example I would always disagree with what the main female character does like Nora. But after reading The Awakening, I think I have gained a much better perspective and finally see the bigger picture.
Anyway, I have learned a lot this year, and I look forward to next year’s English class.

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