The Awakening PR Sergio Camarillo

Through out the reading of the awakening, I always felt that edna’s character development was very good as she constantly evolved and became her own person. Yet I felt that her actions were morally incorrect. Granted at first it was good because she stopped being an object/belonging to her husband but her rebellion was little by little being taken too far. She didn’t want to obey society’s rules and wanted to be her own person, free of any burdens and that ultimately cost her her life.

 I think that separating herself from Pontellier is fine because she didn’t want to marry him and if she is unhappy with her partner that’s totally fine, but casting away her children and not loving them that much isn’t ok. She did love them but the moment she wasn’t with them she forgot about them. She was a good mother though because her children were independent and when they needed her mother she was there, but killing herself at the end was very selfish of her part. The kids now don’t have a mother and she would rather die than keep being there for her kids.

Besides this, the affair she had with arobin wasn’t very justified and even after sleeping with him and feeling remorse, she still did it again because she succumbed to her desires. This would be fine if she didn’t love Robert, but that wasn’t the case. Granted they weren’t together, but she would get jealous if he did the same. Both were in he wrong in this case and just shows how far her rebellion took her that she doesn’t even know what to do.

Lastly, killing herself was a very selfish action. The book portrays it as a freeing thing and like she achieves what she wanted but I feel like its plain wrong. Sure she got what she wanted in the last moments: peace and freedom without a care in the world. But she abandoned her children, left them without a mother and left Robert. Even though they couldn’t be together that moment, probably in the future they could if circumstances were given. With suicide, the thing is you never know whats going to happen in the future.

She rejected everything to be at peace, but life isn’t that way and you can have peace but you also have to work for it, and she took the easy way out rather than keep facing motherhood and moving on. Its portrayed as a poetic action but I felt it was way too selfish and was the wrong decision at it reminded me of Nora. The difference is that Edna went through with that decision and gave up everything.

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  1. You make quite a few interesting and valid points here, however I notice you seem to be heavily focusing on the character’s actions as though she were an actual human with free will beyond that of the author. I suggest maybe examining why she was written that way?

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