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While reading „the awakening“ by Kate Chopin I had made one real personal opinion, which was that Edna was wrong for what she had done. Edna’s relationship began as almost perfect it seemed only of course in retrospect to the standards held by the book. She was married to Leonce, had two children and was wealthy. However, it didn’t stay that way for long. Edna began to explore her hobbies and extra-curriculars quite frequently and therefore began neglecting her Family. She relinquished all her duties to pursue her hobbies, duties such as taking care of the children and taking care of the household. Frankly I was increasingly disappointed in Edna as she was not thinking about anyone else but her. She had been very selfish without considering her husband or even her kids. I do understand that she was unhappy and therefore had her right to leave her husband, yet she was incredibly inappropriate about it. She did not have get involved with other men before ending things with her husband, knowingly troubling her husband and his image, or abandon her children.

Overall, I believe that Edna’s rash decisions made the book interesting for me as she seemed somewhat unpredictable making every page interesting on its own. Although I do not approve of her methods, I do understand her wishes to leave her husband.  It reminded me somewhat of a “dolls house” as Edna and Nora seemed to be in a similar situation. Well at least mentally. Both appeared to be unsure about their true selves and what they want to do with their own future. Leading to both of them leaving their families however in my opinion Nora left in a more respectable manner, whereas Edna just seemed disrespectful even to her own children,

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  1. Hello Lucas, I like the way you see Edna’s relationships. Basically what you are saying is that she had no reason to start looking for new relationships since she was wealthy, married and with kids. I want to say that I completely agree with your point of view and I would even add that her decisions were a little rash. I liked your work and enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Very excellent personal response Lucas. I agree with how Edna did not make many smart decisions in her quest to find happiness. I think she should have talked with him beforehand about how she did not love him, instead of being selfish and worrying about herself and not the children.

  3. Lucas, I liked your post and I agree with your opinion. I do feel that edna was in fact very selfish and what she did at the end of the book was just wrong. It was interesting to see edna’s character development and how she turned out in the end.

  4. Hello there Lucas. I like your strong opinion about how edna is wrong and should its okay for her to try to break socity but should have left her husband first.

  5. Hi Lucas, I really liked your personal response and agree with your point of disliking Edna. I thought it was interesting how you called the suicide disrespectful but I also really agree with it. One thing to work on is being more concise as you often repeated yourself. Good work.

  6. Hey Lucas, I do understand where you are coming from. I do agree that she neglected what her husband’s feeling. Though I can’t completely agree with Edna neglecting her children, multiple pieces of evidence in the book prove Edna loves her children and cares about them. For example, she put on sunscreen for them, she says she misses her kids a lot when they are at their grandma’s etc. Unlike Leonce, Edna was present, while Leonce was also absent, busy doing business.

  7. Hi Lucas, good job. I like how you analyzed the story and gave your opinion. Although, the book says that she would gave up anything for her children and she suicide only thinking about her children. Why do you think she is selfish?
    I agree with your point that Edna should have left her husband first before involving with other men.
    I like how you compared and contrasted the story with “A Doll’s House”, I like your point of view.

  8. Hi Lucas, I found your response very interesting and I enjoyed reading about your personal response and intake on the story and specifically Edan . You said that finding hobbies and doing things she loves causes her to forget about her responsibility as a mother. Just because she is a mother doesn’t mean she can’t do other things. And out of curiosity what is the motherly that you are referring to?I also agree that Edna made each page of the book unpredictable and made the storyline so much more interesting.

  9. Lucas, I agree with some of your points but I’m not sure I understand others. I agree that Nora was much more respectful and straightforward with how she got out of her relationship, however it is a difficult situation. Edna could not really do what Nora did without her and her family having to face the consequences of it. Edna does not really have a job, so her wealth would be cut off for one thing, and she also would not have her children. I didn’t quite understand what you meant when you said she did not have to get involved with other men before “ending it with her husband”, because she didn’t really end it, she just left and committed suicide. In this time, she didn’t really have many options that would make her happy and also be good for her family.

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