PR The Awakening

Being a little critical and honest, this was not my favorite book from the year. I found myself being confused with the names since there were a lot of madam’s and mademoiselles, it was sort of new to me as well. What I did like from the book and found very interesting is seeing how Edna responds to society and breaks all of the ideals society has for her as a women. She goes against all of the believes society has for women at that time. There were a few times in where I thought I was watching a Mexican telenovela from all the men she was dating and “messing around”.

Kate Chopin gives us two character perspectives which are complete opposites. Edna and Adele are two very important characters in the text who are also very good friends. The author likes to emphasize how Edna goes against the norms and standards put up by society and she shows how she does not go with the image of what was seen as an “ideal” woman. Mademoiselle Reisz gives another viewpoint to Edna and helps her realize different things throughout the text. She helps her find herself and gives her the emotional force she needed to go against the standards.

The book shows once again how harsh society can be on women with their standards and norms. In our society we can see many changes for them but reading text’s like these ones helps us emphasize in how we treat women and how unfair we can be to them.

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  1. Hello Tiago, I enjoyed reading your response and thought of the story, and how you made personal connections.I agree with you when you mention how Adele and Mademoiselle Reisz play a huge role in Edna’s awakening. A suggestion could be having some evidence to back up your point being made. Overall good job!

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