Pygmalion Personal Response

I quite enjoyed reading the story of Pygmalion for a very simple reason, the way Higgins expressed himself to everyone. After hearing a lot of others’ opinions on how they believe Higgins is rude, self-absorbed, and self-righteous because of the way he talks to people however I disagree.


Of course, I must admit to the fact that he not only uses a tone and unusual language filter in comparison with what is acceptable by today’s standards but to those not paying close attention is showing disrespect. However, I believe it’s much deeper than that. At first when Higgins addressed Eliza, I also perceived him to be rather rude and thought of himself better than her. Although it is still very possible that Higgins believed he was better it seems he was not intentionally being offensive later throughout the play it turns out he articulates himself in the same manner to his mother and everyone else. To me portraying that it is a path of honesty and truthfulness. He does not intend to hurt anyone rather he attempts to be direct or as some might say “blunt” which to me is a fascinating characteristic.


Furthermore, it seemed Higgins was purposefully trying to show everyone that he did not care what happened to Eliza, that it was just a bet and an experiment. Burt personally I do not believe that was the truth. I believe he did actually begin to care for her in great amounts, and that he was to shallow to actually show this until Eliza confronted him about the truth


Evidently it seemed Pickering inhabited some similar habits in ways of communication. To me it seems as though sub consciously over the duration of the story he increasingly mimicked Higgins’s behaviors.


Overall it was very interesting play to read as it went very into detail of the characteristics of each individual and what they truly want to portray of themselves which was quite interesting to me.

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