PR to Langston Hughes

The poetry of Langston Hughes has lots of meaning and makes me feel empathy. Starting with meaning, I found that his poetry had a great impact on enlightening me about racism and inequality. For example in, The Negro mother, He tells the tragic story of a black mother. The poem gave me an account of how black people were treated and showed how horrible it was. On line 7 of The Negro Mother, there is one sentance which really showed me what people did to african american people. “I am the child they stole from the sand.” This put the imagery of an innocent child being taken away from their familly and then being forced to work as a slave. This is just one example of how his poems enlightened me about what African American people went through.

Langston Hughes also creates lots of empathy in his poems which helps to show you how it was for African American people. I found this especially in “Ruby Brown,” which is about an African American girl who is treated very unfairly. She is underpaid, a prostitute, no one talks to her. The whole poem just makes me feel for her and how unfair she is treated. 


Langstons Poetry is very smart in my opinion. He is someone who wanted to tell a message about how African American people are treated unfairly and show the horror of what they go through. In order to effectively send his message out to the world to inspire people to change, he did so in the form of poetry. Poetry in my opinion is quite fun to read and still able to capture the emotion of the message. By writing his message through poetry he was able to enlighten many including me about the challenges African American people faced.

Langston Hughes has very meaningful poems which have shown me how it was for African American people and how they faced racism. The poems sound nice to read but still have deep meaning. The amount I have learned about racism while enjoying the poems themself, makes me adore Langston Hughes’ work.


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  1. Good response Brandon. I agree that even though Langston Hughes is writing about horrible things, he still makes the poems entertaining to read. I never used to like poetry but these poems have made poetry grow on me.

  2. Hey Brandon, I liked the word you used “enlightening” it made it feel right. I agree with what you said about Hughes involving feelings in his poems. What did the poems make you feel?

  3. Hi Brandon, I like your use of personal perspective and was wondering which of Hughes’s poems you “adored” the most? I also like your use of examples and how that made you feel. Did you do this on your iPad?

  4. Good response Brandon. I like how you talk about what it made you feel with specific examples. I also agree that poetry was a good way to express and add emotion to the message.

  5. Brandon I really liked your response because of how you deeply explain your emotions and feelings regarding Hughes poems. The specific examples you added made your points much stronger. I also agree that Hughes portrays this horrible issues in a creative way through his poems. Well done!

  6. Nice job Brandon, you related the poem to how it made me feel and you’re writing was very coherent and well written. You mentioned empathy multiple times in your response and I agree. Hughes’s writing caused me to feel lots of empathy towards the persons of color at the time. Nice job, it was a good read.

  7. I have to agree with you, Brandon, Langston Hughes makes something so miserable an art to read, hear, and understand in the form of poems. He wanted to tell a story without having it disappear. He is truly an honorable person.

  8. Interesting word choice, Brandon. It is good you feel enlightened after reading these poems, and the word choice makes me feel like you must have had a whole new world/idea open up to you. Hopefully this experience will lead to future thinking and opportunity for you. Good response.

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