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Langston Hughes’s collection of poems are very powerful and moving poems that combat and go against the racial stereotypes Hughes battled in his time. He consistently has a sense of African American pride in his poems, where he celebrates black culture, triumphs and history. In doing this he pushes his fellow African Americans to be honoured of their race and culture. Hughes also speaks about the dreams and aspirations that African Americans should have and for them to not be discouraged by the racial stereotypes set upon them, rather disprove and overcome them. In most of his poems it is the themes that he uses that really allow him to do this.

The themes that Hughes uses vary throughout this poem, but I found the most important ones were black pride, racial discrimination and injustice, cultural history and the dreams of African Americans. The reason these themes are so moving for the most part, was because there was a stigma surrounding those topics, especially for black-white conversation, this was unheard of. The stereotype for African Americans of this time was that they only knew the emotion of happiness because if they were to complain to white people it would make them seem ungrateful and upset the white people, which could lead to a bad consequence. For Hughes to speak about these stigmatized things was very courageous, and the content of the poems elaborated on these themes in very moving ways because he would use the poems to share the universal struggle of black people during this time.

Hughes’s poems successfully give the reader a sense of responsibility to try and make a change against racial injustice and discrimination. By using the stigmatized themes, it makes the poems seem more powerful because it was not common for African Americans to see someone take a lead like this and basically make a stand without the use of violence which gives a powerful message. To conclude Langston Hughes’s poems helped to begin to break the stigmatism around the universal struggles of African Americans and pave a path for other youth to start and make a change to a more inclusive future.

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  1. Hello Jackson, I totally agree with what you said at the end about how Hughes would give the reader a sense of responsibility. We know that Hughes had a lot of influence in his audience. Overall, you did a great job! I look forward into reading more of your work.

  2. Great personal response Jackson! I think you bringing up how Hughes breaks the stigmatism around the struggles of African American people was such an important point, well done.

  3. I agree with what you said in the first paragraph, where you mentioned how Hughes’s poems add a sense of self-respect which the African American community needed at that time. Then in the second paragraph, you continue to introduce stereotypes and racial discrimination. You announced how Hughes fought to renounce those stereotypes, and you did this in a very coherent and intelligent way.

  4. Hella Jackson, as always your work has blown me away. The way that you analyze the prejudice and social constructs that were built around African Americans and attempt to depict it is very Impressive.

  5. Jackson I really enjoyed reading your personal response, specifically your thoughts on stigmatized themes used to enhance the poems. Overall I liked your response. A suggestions could be adding in specific examples that correspond hat you are referring to.

  6. Great response Jackson. I liked how you point out the power the poems have by making us responsible as it was a message that really helps in delivering these emotional blows. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  7. Hello Jackson! You’re response hits the target. I agree with you on how Hughes used his voice to fight for black pride, etc. In your PR you covered lots about how Langstons poems were used to fight racism and inequality which i think you are correct in.

  8. Great job Jackson! Those are really good points that you talk about. I really like how you bring the topic of the African American stereotypes and pride. The black-white conversation is a good way refer to Langston Hughes poems, it also brings the imagery and the emotions, it is moving. Great job!

  9. Hi Jackson, I agree that Hughes’ poetry was very courageous for his time. Due to that time being particularly racist, Hughes was willing to put everything (include his life, really) on the line for his cause. It was a very noble thing to do and requires a lot of talent. Good analysis.

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