Response to “The Odyssey”

What did you enjoy the most about The Odyssey, and why?

What I enjoyed most while reading “The Odyssey” would have to be the adventures that Odysseus had to go through, building his character and shaping my opinion of him. From the end of the trojan war through meeting shockingly beautiful women on deserted and not so deserted Islands. Resisting terrible urges to ask for help in returning back home and taking his rightful place as king. I was able to see his strengths, not just physically but also mentally resisting temptations, sometimes more than other times, however, always returning to the not so simple goal of returning home. Yet, he wasn’t always this strong. There had been moments where he had almost crumbled but managed to get back up.

What did you enjoy the least about The Odyssey, and why?

The least enjoyable part was probably the book itself. This may sound confusing, but what I’m implying is that it was not very interesting to read as it was hard to keep track of events. Throughout reading often I would have to restart the chapter completely as I noticed that what I had read and comprehended made no apparent sense and that I would not be able to understand unless I attempted it again. Although the writing was not difficult to understand, the structuring in itself most definitely was.

What surprised you the most about The Odyssey?

The most surprising thing to me was the relationships between the gods and ordinary human beings/mortals. Not only did the gods interfere when they saw necessary for the greater good, but they were personally invested. The Gods showed compassion, hatred, and support. Two great examples are Athena and Poseidon. Athena put in a lot of effort to support Odysseus’ son in an attempt to find Odysseus and for him to regain control of his home. Poseidon, on the other hand, did not want to help anyone. He was mad at Odysseus and attempted multiple times to end his life, presumingly only for personal gain.


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