PR Candide by Voltaire

In the book “Candide” we find a lot of action and events that will blow most people’s mind. The book uncovers subjects that many people would consider explicit or raw material. But while reading the text, I found that I was really enjoying myself as I read through Candide’s adventures, voyages, and experiences. The book doesn’t seem to have peace, Candide constantly is going through deaths, action, and tragedies. If I’m being honest, there is nothing that I did not enjoy about the book. The text involves injustice and I want to bring Martin’s point of view, after the Dutch ship stole most of Candide’s treasure, the ship sank after going through a battle with an enemy ship. Candide pointed out that this was an example of justice since the captain stole from them, but Martin added that the crew had to die when they did nothing wrong, so this was the biggest example of injustice presented in the book.

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