D.Lemon 20/12/2021 Candide PR

Candide was a good book, I don’t think that there was anything that I really disliked.  The satirical humor was quite good, although to understand it you had to know about a lot of the events that took place in the 1700s, which I think heightened it a bit. Apart from the humor, Candide is a packed story, though more in the fashion of tragedy, action and development.

I noticed that Candide at first is indoctrinated into Prof. Pangloss’ teachings, of all else, he is utterly naïve.  Then as the story progresses and he receives one grievance after another, he slowly learns, though not without help, in the end he states that “we must cultivate our garden”, so he may have learned some wisdom after his adventures.  I was also surprised how much happened in the 1700s, after finding that a lot of the events in Candide were non fictional, as for the life of Voltaire, it is interesting to draw correlations to Candide and Voltaire, the cascade of events bringing tragedy, humor, irony, and so on.  

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