Candide Personal Response

Personally, I really enjoyed reading Candide. I liked that there were so many different events, so it never got boring. As well, the fact that all the things happening were very unexpected helped me to keep reading in order to find out how the story will continue. Also the ending was unpredictable, which is in my opinion keeping the story interesting. I liked the way satire was used in this novel, because in my opinion that made it more enjoyable to read. Furthermore, I liked the language used way more than in the other books we read so far, which is probably also connected to the fact that it was written in a more modern way, so it was easier to understand.

A fact I didn’t like about Candide was that so many people and countries were criticised, but not only based on personal experiences of Voltaire, but based on prejudices. Even though I wasn’t a fan of this, I still think it was brave of Voltaire to mention his opinions and criticism about the actions of the government and population during that time, because he probably got a lot of enemies from that. The sudden changes in the story helped making the story interesting, but also made it seem very unrealistic at some point.

Candide´s final conclusion that “we must cultivate our garden” was a very good ending in my opinion, because he finally realised that he had to do something about his life and find something that interests him in order to find happiness or at least live a bearable life. For that, they have to leave their past and the tradegie It also made me think about my own life and what I do to be happy and enjoy life.

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