Passage 1:

About the time I was fully informed, this run-down setting, with overgrown brush was the graveyard and; Philip Pirrip, the name of this memorial park, and who was father of those listed below, were alive and unburied; and that Joy, Pain, Happiness, Sadness, and Anger, all the emotions I felt when I believed they were dead and gone; were the dark flat lies that hide in and beyond the human soul, intwined in emotions of love and ecstasy and greed, with dispersed feelings of resentment towards life; the human heart; and that above it, a horrible setting that was to be discovered, was the brain; and that the faint breathing you heard, that emulates the movement of wind, was the horrible energy; the energy that keeps you alive, and ‘creates’ emotions that may or may not be real, was spirit.

Passage 2:

A Cheerful man, all in bright red, with a great beard attached to his face. A woman with a bright smile, and with two big boots, and long hair that covered her head. An elf who had been soaked in snow, squashed by hooves, and cut by antlers, pushed by humans, and rewarded with presents; who snarled, hobbled, delivered, and grumbled and; whose body shivered in the sleigh as the man barked out orders.


One thought on “WDolan_Pastiches”

  1. Without a doubt in my mind, Cecelia’s pastiche’s were the best. I enjoyed the humor and focused theme regarding food. Not only did it provide a view of Cecelia that I have not seen very often, it gave me some knowledge about the things (specifically food) that she enjoys. The level of detail she used to describe how the character (which appears to be her) prefers the foods they eat.

    The other pastiches were all exciting to read. However, some of them were less focused on a specific theme or lacked the amount of detail used compared to Cecelia’s. I thought some of them contained an excessive amount of big words (nothing wrong with them) and it didn’t resonate as well because it wasn’t as catchy as Cecelia’s.

    For my own pastiche, I think I could have used a different theme that more people can relate to. From reading other people’s pastiche’s I realized that I can be more creative with my future pastiche’s and cover broader topics. For example; some people did music and other’s covered more social issues, while I believe Armaan did his based on the great TV show The Office. They were all special in their own way.

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