Response to “The Odyssey” Sergio Camarillo

  1. What did you enjoy the most about The Odyssey, and why?

What I enjoyed the most about the odyssey was to see odysseus’ character development. When we first meet him he is already stranded and is almost broken. We meet him in a medium point in character development as he has already gone through stuff. Then we start to know more about him as he starts to tell more about his adventures. Yet what impressed me the most about him was in the end when he is disguised as a beggar and is dining with the suitors. They constantly taunt him and yet he never breaks as his “maturity has risen.” Later when he is killing the suitors we see that he doesn’t really enjoy the massacre, but rather does it because it needs to be done. He didn’t really want revenge, just justice.


  1. What did you enjoy the least about The Odyssey, and why?

What I enjoyed the least was that at time it became difficult to read and bored me at times. I didn’t really enjoy it at certain parts and it was more of reading it because I have to rather than reading it because I enjoyed it, making it more difficult for me to extract more details and be curious about it. This made me also not be able to properly remember stuff as my brain would go blank in reading some passages, making it hard for me to remember characters unless they appeared constantly. This affected how i would imagine the scenarios and couldn’t “see” them properly.



  1. What surprised you the most about The Odyssey?

What surprised me the most about the odyssey was the way the gods interacted with the mortals. I always thought that the gods never spoke to the people often like that. I knew that zeus often disguised himself in order to fool around with women but I didn’t think the gods would influence things so directly as athena did throughout the story. The moment that impressed me the most was when athena revealed her identity to odysseus, as I never thought she would do that. Also how she would have such a fascination with odysseus, admiring him and helping him. I knew that the gods did have preferences but not to the point that she would help odysseus so much, especially regarding the suitors.


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