Pastiches_Luis G_29november

1. At such a time I finally realized that I was in a room with two complete strangers talking about life and stuff I usually never talked about, in another country far from where I’m from, both guys also from different origin countries, as if we were teleported in the blink of an eye and didn’t even notice that and just went along with that, the sound of the rain and the people laughing in their rooms makes it much more comfortable and as if that was my home, and even if I don’t know both of the strangers I sill find it so comfortable being here that is something surrealistic, but in the end, I figured something out, and that is that one of the guys, is me.


2. A Guitar player with a saxophone in his hands. A pianist with a guitar in her hands, with broken strings and a guitar pick. A drum player, with a cello on his hands, with wood rotten from moisture, a soundboard without a face, a neck without paint and a fretboard split in half. A violinist playing a piano with no strings, no keys, a top hat, a bad mustache, and a broken will.

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  1. After reading all of the other pastiches I can make a conclusion that my pastiche could be improved in many ways, one can be more imagery and a lot more practice so its easier to write and to read. Everyone has their own motives and inspirations for their on pasriches and that’s something that makes it completely unique and interesting to read

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