Passage 1:

. . . At such a time I found out for certain, that this lovely aroma overcoming my nose was from this little restaurant rested along the street; and that Pablo Garcia, my good old pal, and also Sam Sung from elementary, were rested inside; and that Dwight, Pam, Jim, Kevin, and Michael, all my fellow co-workers, were also somehow fitted within this puny restaurant; and that deeper in beyond the customers, there were little to no chefs, with only a few stoves, polished counters, and a small portion of food rested neatly just behind the counter, and that feeding on this aroma inducing food, was the chefs; and that the countertop separating the customers and the chefs, was the strongest; and that the space where the heartless people eating the food rested held a fan from which the aroma was spreading, was the dirtiest; and that the small bundle of shivers growing afraid of it all and beginning to cry, was me.

Passage 2:

A broken child, covered in red, with a knife held to his wrist. A child with no parents, and with torn clothes, and with a messy length of hair covering his beautiful eyes. A child who had been left alone, and covered in scars, and kicked, and drowned, and looked at as nothing; who sat still, and smiled, and turned cold; and whose eyes left still revealed a single tear as I stood there watching.





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  1. From reading through other Pastiches and writing my own two I have learned that Pastiches share somewhat similar patterns. Whether how they start each sentence or how many sentences there are. I have also learned that Pastiches are quite practical and fun, you can pick a topic and go from there. The diversity and similarities within the Pastiches the grades 11 and 12 made was interesting as it allowed me to make connections and construct my own pastiches.

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