Pastiches Sergio Camarillo

Passage 1


For me, this was important for learning,

That with this sick face overthrown with guilt and charge,

Hoping that the fearful whip woud vanish, and Indiana would be free of the blood and the buried.

That Rudner should be in coleview with his grandma silvia lodger, yet no cousins as they were far and filled with lead.

So there we are, staring at the eternal darkness outside our backyard, covered by fences, traps and snakes,

Half of them having a rattle and pattern that resembled volcanic ashes

The finish line was long, with zero chance of obtaining the silver,

That no salvage gold could ever fulfill from the gushing years of training, shedding not one tear.

That we weren’t able to overcome the puddle of tears that was growing inside us all, to finally let it out with the smack of a single whip.


Passage 2


A cheerful women, leaving you in dismay,

Going for more rum in the keg,

A woman who hates rats,

Who loves rhythm n’ blues,

Charging gas to her mustang,

A woman who was cloaked by her father,

Bothered by others, called a sack of bones,

Always carrying mints, sometimes tints,

Cleaning kettles, yet stuck with liars;

Who tripped and dipped,

She shared with fair

That those people who scattered In the concert were riled up by jim


One thought on “Pastiches Sergio Camarillo”

  1. After reading the pastiches I see that its not a parody at all. At first I thought so but after writing my own and seeing my classmates work I came to realize its not that way. It has a similar concept but it does so in a more formal way by takings style but implementing your own stuff. for me it was a bit harder to do the pastiches as I didn’t really understand at first but later i got the style and from there built my pastiche.

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