Pastiche on Charles Dickens Great Expections

Pastiche 1: At such a time i saw for certain, that this colourful place, overpopulated with children, was none other than the water park: and that parents payed bored on their sun beds; and that Brandon, Coen, Alex, and Adam, teenagers who were also bored from the long lines; and that colourful slide, which looked like a skyscraper, and full of water, were the water slides; and that dirty, smelly place, was the washrooms, and that distant, over priced place was the restaurant, and the short lonely stain on the park, who was terrified of the slides, was Cameron.


pastiche 2: A British man, in a slick suit, with an accent on his tongue. A man with no hat, and with shiny shoes, and a stylish haircut on his head. A man who had travelled the world, seen it all, learned many languages, and became a teacher; who walked, and talked, and wrote with chalk, and put on his glasses as he walked into my clsasroom and lectured us.

One thought on “Pastiche on Charles Dickens Great Expections”

  1. After reading many of our classes pastiche’s on Great Expectations, I have noticed that the ones i found most enjoyable were ones that had the most creativity in them. For example, Raymond include a joke, “hexagons are the bestagons.” This clever joke was very creative and made me love reading his pastiches.
    In order to improve my own pastiche I will add more creativity to it. I wrote mine on very boring and uncreated topics, such as a water park. I also didn’t include any clever jokes which keeps readers more entwined.

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