Pastiche on Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations”

Passage 1

When I found out for certain that this bear concrete slab scattered with pitiful little trees was the courtyard; and that Eric MacKnight, peacefully reading, and also Shawn Jones teacher of the tenth grade, were in the classroom; and that Coen, Adam, Chantal and Alex, students of the aforesaid were also in the classroom; and that the dark, drab corridor beyond the classroom, met with doors and staircases packed with students mesmerized by their cellphones was the hallways; and that the great grey building afar was the dormitory; and that the raging rowdy lane from which the machines were screeching and blaring was the road; and that the bunch of energy in the middle of it all, was Brandon.

Passage 2

A fearless man, all dressed in black, with his eyes covered in shade. A man with a suit and with shades, and with perfectly polished shoes tied to his feet. A man who had been freshly bathed in water, and groomed by scissors, and pressed by an iron, and shaved by a blade; who marched, and smiled, and laughed and was styled; and whose eyes sparkled as he gleamed at me with a grin.



One thought on “Pastiche on Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations””

  1. After reading plenty of pastiches from the class blog, I have come to the realization that there are a few notable things which set more interesting passages apart from the rest. The most notable being the use of imagery. If both passages are done correctly, they should be very descriptive (as the passage we are basing our pastiches off of is very descriptive itself). Therefore, if there is a lot of description of places or things or people, there should be a lot of imagery. The pastiche I was most impressed by this was Adam’s pastiche because it created a dark atmosphere and an image in my head of busy, cold, streets at night. The other thing that I noticed was some of the pastiches I enjoyed more and was more interested in are ones that I related to like Brandon’s pastiche about a waterpark. If they are descriptive and relatable, they are a lot more interesting to read than ones that aren’t.

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