Great Expectations: Two Pastiches

It was that moment I knew for sure, that this dreary place bustling with adolescents was the campus; and that Jackson Jenkins in the missing of his assignments, and also energy of the day before, was late to class; and that his fellow classmates of years before, and to come, were also late to class; and that the grand beauteous jungle beyond the campus, mottled with bears and cougars and peacocks, with many beast’s residing in it, was the rainforest; and that the slow flow band below, was the creek; and that the obscured unchecked cauldron from which the storms are brewed, was the pelagic ocean; and that the sudden energy growing inside, was the excitement to leave.


An unhelpful creature, all in gleaming brown, with a minor matter in its leg. A creature with no collar and with broken teeth, and an old bandana tied round its neck. A creature who had been across lands, and over oceans,and through the rivers, and on top of the mountains, and between the roads, and along the valleys; who limped, and caressed, and barked, and chomped; and whose tongue slobbered my face as it took me down.

One thought on “Great Expectations: Two Pastiches”

  1. After reading my classmate’s pastiches I came to the realization that I was trying to be too literal in both my texts. In trying to do this I have made my text sound very choppy and it doesnt really have the same “flow” or sound to the original texts. If I were to do this assignment again I would make sure to try to match the flow of the text using words that match the syllables of the original text, instead of trying to make a very literal pastiche.

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