Great Expectations Pastiches Passage 2

Passage 1:

At a certain time, the woman was sure, her house was filled with flowers and bushes that were growing on the wall’s; and that the women, loving her happiness, and also her spouse, who were alive and living, and that their sons James, Mark, Jameson, Alexandra, Cassandra; all grown up and enjoying life and that their huge backyard would extend to the lake and that the closing gentle lair of pasture that with the gentle breeze was the lake; and next to it, in the woods, tramping and laughing, was the woman.


Passage 2:

A joyful woman, all in a blue dress, a smile everyone wanted to possess. A woman with a big hat, and with high heels, and with a scarf long as an eel. A woman who had been bathed in gold, and who was very bold, her feelings were not cold, whose house was made of stone, her name to everyone was known; a women who ran, and tramp, and laughed, and rhymed, whose hair has long and moved with the wind as the flowers touched her skin.

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