“Great Expectations”, Charles Dicken : Partiche

Passage 1: Once upon a time, somewhere filled with hexagons in plain grayscale as far as eyes can see, stand Dennis Kim, who once promoted π, and the greatness of circle, now discover the truth, his heart now broken, and filled with regret, with his mouth open wide, come to the realization that “Hexagon are the bestagons”.

Passage 2: A emotionless young man, all in plain dark grey colour, with messy black hair covering his forehead, and ears. A young man, with his black near sight glasses, with a old black table. A young man who is obsessed into the world of anime, who eyes, and hands are flawlessly in sync with those circle in the computer screen, who never learn

One thought on ““Great Expectations”, Charles Dicken : Partiche”

  1. After reading the pastiches in this blog, I discover that the sizeable of these pastiches have the same beginning: “At such a time”, those that leave a better impression are those that are different, yet similar to the original passage.

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