“Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens: two pastiches

Passage 1

At such a time I found out for certain, that this cozy place surrounded by snow was our house; and that this old big man with the dark hair, harsh in his ways, and also the young athletic boy in a hoodie, were our coaches; and that Anni, Bent, Linn, Nooa, and Friedi, athletes of the aforesaid, were exhausted and tired; and that the high grey walls, intersected with trees and slopes and cottages, with tiny people moving on them, were the mountains; and that the blue calm surface beyond, was the lake; and that the frightening restless lane from which the noise was coming , was the highway; and that the small bundle watching it all from the side and feeling home, was me.


Passage 2

A small women, all in light grey, with her black hair in a ponytail. A women with boots, and a dress, and with a scarf around her neck. A women who had been laughed at in school, and appreciated in university, and admired by her friends, and hurt by her family, and helped by her teachers, and loved by her husband; who cried, and laughed, and studied, and improved; and whose mind got stronger as she found her place in life on her own.

One thought on ““Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens: two pastiches”

  1. While reading the pastiches of my classmates, I realized that the ones I found to be the most successful were the ones where I could realize that there was a meaning behind them and the reader actually wanted to express something through their pastiche, this could be both happy or sad emotions or memories.
    What I learned from writing my pastiches and reading the pastiches of my classmates is that the more honest you are about your writing and the more you write about something that actually inspires or touches you, the better the outcome will be. Also, I personally think that sometimes it is easier to write something when very specific guidelines are given to you, and a specific form can give the same text a different, or way stronger meaning.

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