English: Response to “The Odyssey”

While reading Homers Odyssey I came to find some marvelous passages that are filled with epic content and stories. In this huge poem we go over Odysseus adventures that took well over 10 years. What I liked the most about the text is mainly that this book was the creation of western literature. While reading this I gazed upon many of the travels and stories that Odysseus had to tell and I really enjoyed the part where we is tied to the mast while his boat is passing through the sirens. The reason I liked that part is because the sirens are very famous in pirate’s stories and I truly find them quite interesting. Another part that I really came to enjoy was the story when Odysseus stabbed the giant Cyclops after hiding in his giant sheep.


While the poem started, when we were on the first books and Odysseus was nowhere to be found, I thought that part was going really slow which made it the thing I enjoyed the least, the reason for this is since the war with Troy just ended I wanted to see even more fights, raiding and pillaging but Homer didn’t seem to include this at the beginning so it kind of went against my expectations.

What I found the most surprising about “The Odyssey” is with no doubt it’s way it survived. It is truly impressive how a text so old survived burning buildings, changes of era, changes of languages, among others. Also the fact that people used to learn the text by remembering seemed pretty crazy and truly astonishing.


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