English: 2 Pastiches – jack


At that point I realized that this small machine unkept with trash was my car; and that Phillip Pirrip, my father, and Georgiana, my beloved mother, had kicked me out; and that the comfortable, peaceful, compacted, ordinary, spotless, room that I had once lived in, had kicked me out; and that the rural environment near my car, intersected with animals and dirt roads and fence gates, with peaceful farmers driving through it, was where I was living; and that the bright city lights beyond the horizon was my old home; and that the distant place from which the sirens were ringing, was the city; and that the calm, carefree, content human living in the trashed car and singing softly, was me. 



A bold man, all in Vanta black, with a sleek silver pistol on his hip. A man with a black hat, and with black shoes, and with a mask around his face. A man who had been thrown in a car, and tied in the car, and driven by strangers, and punched by strangers, and cut by knives, and shocked by tasers; who cried, and shivered, and shouted, and whimpered; and whose eyes distressed in his head looked up as he got knocked out again by the strangers.  

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  1. I learned that while writing pastiches, you need to keep the same structure as the original passage (to a certain extent) and that you need to have a clear idea/thought throughout the whole thing basically just showing how you are thinking. Also that you have to bring new ideas in slowly, that it cant be some giant idea like late in the pastiche, that it has to come in slowly. An example of following the template to an extent and then changing it a bit is Cecilia’s when she added this “and that Freya Feng, whose name starts with two ‘Fs,’ and also Cecilia Chen, whose name starts with two ‘Cs,’”. I just thought this was a cool addition.

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