Charles Dickens “Great Expectations” Pastiches

Pastiche 1:
At such a time, I remembered, I remembered a young woman surrounded by a scent that permeated her room; the memories of loss, bottomless emotion filled the air which she inhaled through the smell receptors on her face, the smell brought back memories of the loss she had gone through, her life’s evolution, the effects it had on her once pure soul; now rotting from the inside out, one could only imagine her childhood; how she used to speak with such a soft tongue, how she loved to perform in front of other; this feeling is one which most never experience, but this reminder remained deeply embedded in her mind; as she tried to regain her memories, I realised that girl was me.

Pastiche 2:
A tall, lifeless figure, once known as the life of the party slowly began to slip away. Slowly, you could begin to see the life leave its eyes, feelings ceasing to exist, love losing its effects on its once kind heart. Many ponder as to who this figure might be, where it is from. For those who do not know, it is the demon in your dreams, the monster waiting to wreak havoc inside your mind, this monster is none other than depression deeply buried inside.

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  1. Throughout my revision, I have noticed most of the pastiches written by myself and my classmates all rely on deep emotion. The way in which the idea of pastiches was brought forward to us all was a “gateway to the free-flowing expression of all our emotions and stresses”.

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