Charles Dickens “Great Expectations” Pastiches

Passage 1:

At such a time I found out for certain, that this static white place was my math classroom; and that little man, my math teacher, and also the board, blank and bleak; and that Jackson, Derek, Kaelin, and Viji, the students of the aforesaid, were also blank and bleak; and that the boundless amount of worksheets, intersected with questions and worries and nonsense, those arms up in the air, that never got answered; and that the bizarre equation, was a integral; and that the scribbles on the board, was a formula; and that the smell of sweat growing from all of it and beginning to doubt, was I. 

Passage 2:

A woman with calm blue eyes, and with messy blonde hair, and with a heavy bag hiding her height. A woman who had been overwhelmed with responsibilities, and exploited for her efforts, and flooded with assignments, and confused by equations, and absorbing knowledge quietly, and struggling with her father; who questioned, and cried, and fought and laughed; and whose voice echoed throughout my halls.

One thought on “Charles Dickens “Great Expectations” Pastiches”

  1. While reading my peers pastiches, I noticed how important it is to follow the format of the form. If the format isn’t followed correctly, it doesn’t give the same effect. For next time, I’ll try to follow the form more closely, especially in the first passage.

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