Who is the “tragic hero”?

I think that in Antigone Creon is the tragic hero of the story. I believe this because a tragic hero is someone who has heroic characteristics but their life still ends with a tragedy, which is exactly what happened to Creon. Throughout the whole play Creon was so sure that he was always right but after he realizes what he had done was wrong, he tries to go out and fix it all and solve his problems, being heroic, but he still ends up losing his son and his wife to suicide which he blames himself for, tragedy. Although it could be argued that Antigone was also a tragic hero and the protagonist in the story. This is because all Antigone wants is for her own brother, Polyneices, to have a proper burial like her other brother, Etocles. Rather than just being left out in the open to rot and be eaten away by birds, she wants to honey his death and honey the gods but, this means dishonouring Thebes and Creon. Although she tries to do this she gets caught and ends up being sent to a tomb to die off on her own. This leads to her killing herself and then her soon to be husband Haemon killing himself. I think that Creon is the more obvious tragic hero in this story but, I also think that Antigone is a tragic hero as well. 

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  1. Great job, Gracie! I really enjoyed hearing your opinion on who the Tragic hero was in this play. I agree with the points that you mentioned, and I like the way you elaborated on why you believe Creon was the true tragic hero. Overall really well done, and a suggestion would be to get evidence directly from the book. This could help make your argument more persuasive.

  2. Good response Gracie! I like how you mentioned that you think there is not only one tragic hero, but that you think Creon is the main tragic hero, but Antigone is a tragic hero as well. I absolutely agree with your opinion and like the arguments you gave. Maybe you could give some more evidence the next time.

  3. Your response has very good ideas however your response would be better if you limited when you use phrases such as, “I believe,” or “I think.” Very good.

  4. Good job Gracie! The points that you ar making are good and clear. We both agree that Creon has a tragic end. But also Antigone ends with tragedy. Antigone wants her brother to be buried not only because he is her brother, but also because she thinks it is the right thing to do in Thebes and it is a gods’ law. This show us that Antigone has also heoric characteristics and a tragic end, which means she is the tragic hero. Antigone started all of this and she made people realised about it. All the events happened and Creon did the right thing because of Antigone’s actions. I am interested on why you think Antigone is the tragic hero too.

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