Who is the protagonist (main character) of the play?

        Throughout this Greek play Antigone, there is a debate about who the protagonist of this play really is. In my opinion, I believe that Creon, the king of Thebes, is the main character of the story because of the story revolving around him and his overall power and involvement throughout the whole story. As King Creon is powerful and makes the rules, he voiced his opinion several times in almost every situation in a ruthless, ferocious manner. I think that Creon always was the center of attention and was also a very self-centred king who did not value family and used the power he had to his advantage, losing everyone he truly cared about in his life. An example of his aggression and interference is when He gets angry fast and abuses Ismene, who is innocent, calling her many names. For example, he states, “You viper, slinking undetected sucking my life-blood”!This signifies that he is very mean and unjust when dealing with Antigone and her sister Ismene. He also intrudes in a situation where he should have shown kindness towards his family member and had humility and mercy. Therefore, it is evident that Creon was the story’s protagonist and played an enormous role in the entire play.


4 thoughts on “Who is the protagonist (main character) of the play?”

  1. Great response Amira! I agree that Creon played a big role in the story, but I think that Antigone would be the protagonist. You made very good points that I agree with and I liked how passionate you were about it. It is overall a very good response.

  2. Hey Amira, you did a very good job on giving us an insight on the plot and the treatment Creon gives Ismene and Antigone. If Creon is the protagonist, who would you say is the antagonist? In my opinion, Antigone is the protagonist since the story wraps more around her than Creon’s and the antagonist would be Creon since he is against Antigone making it hard for her to bury Polynices. Overall you did a very good job Amira!

  3. Good response Amira! Even though I think that Antigone is the protagonist, I like your arguments and can understand your point of view. If Creon is the protagonist, why would the play be called “Antigone”? Apart from that, you did a great job and you gave evidence, which I really liked.

  4. You made some good points about Creon being a powerful and important character, but I do not think that he is the protagonist. Antigone fits the description better in my opinion because the story is based on the burial of Polyneices. Youre writing was very well done and you had a clear main point that you stuck with throughout your response. Good job Amira!!

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