Who is the protagonist (main character of the play)

While reading one of the Three Theban Plays, I came to the conclusion that in the play of Antigone, a play in which we can find that there is a lot of action and drama. That the main character in the play is Antigone, this is made to the fact that first of all her name is on the play and second of all she is the character that leads the story and that is doing everything she can do to bury his brother Polyneices who was seen as a traitor. Antigone’s sister is Ismene and she is a person who believes in curses and is very afraid of death, we can analyze this when the character is first introduced to us in the beginning where Antigone asks for help to bury their brother. Ismene thinks that there is a curse in their family for all of the recent events that happened in the play, and honestly I have to agree with her. The things that happened in the story of Antigone and Oedipus Rex involve a lot of suicide, death and cold events like marying your mother and killing your father. Based on what I read, I came to the conclusion that Creon would be the antagonist in this play since he was constantly going against Antigone’s wishes and trying to get her killed. In the first try of burying his brother, Creon finds out of what she has done and yet doesn’t kill her but by the second time she puts her in a cave which it blew my mind to read all the crazy things they would do to their families back then. Although the play has a lot of harsh events, I still found myself enjoying reading the plays and really liked the story of Antigone.

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  1. Nice description, Sentences were a bit wordy making it hard to understand the full story but otherwise, it was quite good. I also agree with your answer.

  2. Good job Tiago. I also agree with your points about that the main character is Antigone. Your point of agreeing with Ismene is interesting. I like how you analyzed the past events to come up with this point.

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