Response to: Enough is Enough

Reading this passage made me relate back to my own experience with insecurity. It began when I was around twelve, the toxic world of social media sank its claws into me and refused to relent, dragging me deeper and deeper into its unescapable void. It was then that I quickly realised that other girls who were gaining traction all had something in common, something that I did not have. A small seed planted inside my head started feeding on little moments of vulnerability. The tiny seed tucked away in the back of my head started growing, its roots forcing their way into every thought and moment, thriving on the feelings of shame and embarrassment. Only finding joy in my apparent downfall. So blinded by my own self-deprecating thoughts, I was subjecting myself to an altered reality. Feelings of insecurity and self-consciousness constantly itch the back of my mind, desperate in finding moments to make themselves known. It took me a long time to break away from the harmful cycle, finding confidence in my own self. Every now and then the remnants fight to surface, but with enough self-reassurance, they stay buried down. Having talked to many other teenage girls, I believe that my experiences with insecurity is shared among many. The current beauty standard being pushed onto young girls is extremely harmful for one’s self-image, promoting unattainable standards and unrealistic expectations.

3 thoughts on “Response to: Enough is Enough”

  1. Good job Klangnao. I like how you related it to your own experience. I agree with you about the beauty standard in young girls is affecting them.

  2. I really liked how you shared your own experience and I absolutely agree with your opinion. I could tell what your reading was about from just reading your response once. Good job Klangnao!

  3. Hi Klangnao! I thought your post was super detailed and had some great imagery! For next time, you could add why do you think society puts this pressure on woman? Where does it stem from? It is the same everywhere, or how does it differs from country to country? Good job!!

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