Personal Response – The Color Purple

This novel is filled with provocative events, ideas, and language that may offend readers. Is it appropriate for a high school English class to study?  

I find that a lot of books I read during English class are boring, and they are all the same, this one started off so horribly, and weird, that it sorts of piqued my interest because not all books start off that way. But that does not talk about the ideas during the books that may offend readers and I still feel as though it should be read in High School English. This is because the story is amazing, I love how this story goes from a horrible, weird, disgusting start to a story that has a nice ending with Celie and Nettie finally meeting together, and Mr.____ (Albert) and Harpo have finally learned how to take on roles inside the house. This story is so good, even though the language and matter may want teachers to not choose this book, and they should overlook these things and still decide to choose this book. 

What is the significance of the novel’s title?  

The significance of the novel’s title is shown at the beginning, middle, and the end of the story. Basically, at the beginning of the story Celie is not able to wear purple clothing, in the middle of the story she sees Shug in a purple dress (which signifies independence) and wants to be like her, and throughout the other third of the story (a bit of the middle and the end) Shug helps Cellie to become more independent and at one point helps Celie create a pants company called Folks Pants Unlimited Company, with Celie slowly becoming more independent and her own person, she makes a pair of pants made from red and purple cloth and gives to Sofia. Then her home at the end of the story is decorated with red and purple decorations, which shows she has become independent.  

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