Oedipus & Antigone Tragic hero.

Who is the tragic hero?

The tragic hero in the story is Creon. Although at first we are led to believe that its Antigone, after completing the play we come to realize that its truly Creon. Throughout the play we get many instances where we see both Antigone and Creon’s sides. We see a sad and almost broken Antigone who just wants to bury her only brother as she cannot have another sibling. Its really important to her because as she herself says on page 105 “ A husband dead, there might be another. A child by another too, if I had lost the first. But mother and father both lost in the halls of Death, no brother could ever spring to light again.” Yet for Creon we learn that he was doing what he thought the gods wanted him to. He saw a traitor in polynices as he came marching into thebes with an army and a thirst for revenge.


Creon’s point can be understood as polynices also took thebes’ king at the moment, and what would soon become a burden to creon who took the crown. In the play we see a roughed up creon who isn’t really happy and as we have many instances to see he has lost most of his patience since the last time we saw him in Oedipus. We can see it better when he gets mad very quickly at the prophet and lashes out the same way Oedipus lashed out to creon back in his play.


Finally we see everything that happens to Creon in the end: dead son and wife who committed suicide by a knife. He learns that both deaths were his fault in a moment of emotion. He starts saying how he thought he was doing the right thing and just before that he admitted and submitted to bury polynices, in the end doing the right thing. Still even though a “hero” his punishment comes and too devasted asks to be released from the pain, filling in the “role” of tragic hero.

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  1. Good response Sergio! Your writing is clear, however I think you can make your point clearer. But I like your conclusion of Creon filling the role of tragic hero.

    1. Although I think that the tragic hero is Antigone as she is the one who starts all this. She is the one who made everyone think about what was the right thing to do. Because of Antigone, at the end, Creon realises what is the right thing to do.

  2. Sergio, you have very clear writing and I liked the use of word choice. There was however, a few points I did not agree with. I think that Antigone was the tragic hero because she had nothing and lost everything fighting for her brother’s burial. Creon on the other hand fought for the throne and brought his family’s death and his own, upon himself. Good writing Sergio!!!❤️🥶

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