Can you make a case that Creon was right?

One of the three stories included in The Three Theban Plays by Sophoclese, is Antigone, which takes place after Oedipus the king. Part of the reason I loved Antigone was because of how there aren’t really any bad guys. The story is mostly about a conflict between Antigone who believes that every person should be buried, and Creon who believes that traitors don’t deserve a burial. 

While reading I kept thinking that if I were Creon I wouldn’t want to give a proper burial to a traitor. But I also understood Antigone’s reason for wanting to give her brother a burial, “no brother could ever spring to light again(p.105).” However in this specific scenario I believe Creon to be more just than Antigone. Antigone basically only wants to bury her brother because it is her brother. Her reasons for her actions are solely based on bias, while Creon overlooks his bias towards a family member, and uses logic to come to a conclusion. Creon has been known in Oedipus the king as being very logical, and I still believe him to be. His decision was based on logic in the sense that you get what you deserve. If he were to give polynices a proper burial, it would be mostly based on emotions and overlook the fact that he was a traitor. If some stranger were to betray his nation then attack it, would you still want to bury him? 


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  1. Overall the your response is clear, but I think you overlook the fact that the two brother agree to be King in sequence, at that time he is supposed to be the King, logically he is jointing forces to regain his crown, thats taken by his brother. With that, he should not be consider as a traitor.

  2. Hello Brandon you made a very strong point, however, Creon should have not branded his brother as a traitor as the brothers agreed to be kings in sequence, which could have prevented all the bloodshed which is why I disagree with your opinion. Your wording and structure were a bit confusing making me have to re-read certain paragraphs a few times but other than that I think you did quite a good job.

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