Antigone, Personal Response

Antigone, one part of the three Theban plays, is a fascinating read to me personally. However, there seems to be a protagonist and an antagonist, neither belonging to the evil or wrong side. Both Antigone and Creon had their own beliefs, Antigone saying that all people deserve a burial and Creon believing that honoring a traitor’s death is a sin.

This raises the question if either Antigone or Creon is the protagonist throughout the play, who is the actual main character? Although they seem to have a large part to say during the story’s duration, it becomes clear that the narrative is shaped around Antigone, not Creon. Creon had set the lay line for Antigone to make her appearance and gather attention by only doing what she believes to be correct. Although Antigone is not the one in power, she is able to voice her opinion at all times and does as she pleases without facing any consequences by Creon, who is supposed to behead her for her crimes. In tragedy, however, Antigone causes another tremendous plot twist as she hangs herself on a rope, which leads to the change of the entire play and shows that the story evolved around her. With Antigone’s death, the story had reached a slow ending as she was the reason why Creon’s son then killed himself. Which in return then led to the decimation of Creon’s wife as the misfortune had dragged her along.

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  1. Hello Lucas. I think you did a very good job of doing a character analysis and telling us about the whole plot. You had a good start telling us about your personal opinion on the play of Antigone, but you missed telling us what is your opinion on the characters and the whole story. You mention that the story wraps around Antigone and I feel you managed to explain why almost flawlessly.

    1. Thank you, Tiago. That was very kind of you and I appreciate your honest opinion. I will work on expressing more of my personal opinion in my next response.

  2. Good job Lucas! I like how you analyzed the play, the language you used was clear and understandable. I do believe you could have used more evidence to prove your opinion.

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