Antigone Personal Response

In the play “Antigone”, written by Sophocles, I personally think Antigone is the protagonist. Both Antigone and Creon play very important roles in the play, but Antigone is the one who carries the story the most and her actions are the centre of the play.

The whole argument in this play was triggered by the fact that Antigone broke Creon´s law and buried her brother Polyneices. She was the only one who had the courage to do so and stayed loyal to her family. Nevertheless, her actions resulted in  Creon becoming very angry and sentencing her to death. Of course you could argue that this situation was actually initiated by Creon because he made the law that nobody is allowed to bury Polyneices, but I think that is only partly true. If Antigone would just have listened to Ismene and accepted the law like all the other citizens of Thebes did, none of the following conflict would have ever been established.

Creon speaks more passages in the play than Antigone does, but nearly all of them are about Antigone or people connected to her. Towards the end of the play, Antigone´s death even results in the death of Haemon, because he killed himself, mostly due to Antigone´s death. Also Eurydice´s death goes back to Antigone, because her own son died because of his wife. A the messenger says: ”She (Eurydice) stabbed herself at the altar, then her eyes went dark, after she´d raised a cry for the noble fate of Megarus, the hero killed in the first assault, then Haemon, then with her dying breath she called down torments on your head-you killed her sons.” (p.126).

In conclusion, I think that Antigone and not Creon or any other character is the protagonist, because she is the main reason for most of the conflict in the play. This is also recommended by the name of the play, “Antigone”.

3 thoughts on “Antigone Personal Response”

  1. Good job Leonie, you’re writing was clear and well done. I do think that you could have added one more piece of evidence to help further your argument. Besides that, it is very well written.

  2. Good job Leonie! I agree with your points on this topic, and your points are very clearly pointed out and organized. I think that your point about Creon and Antigone both playing important roles was very true. It is a great response overall!

  3. You got your ideas across very well using good organization. However I feel like the arguèrent that everything is cantered around her is false. For example in the second half of the play, the story begins to focus on créons decisions. Personally i think that they are both protagonist of this play.

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