Turning Pages

Turning Pages made me think about how the written word can lead someone’s life as the person is growing and reading all kinds of books. Like Sonia Sotomayor who since she was little, books helped her in her life not only for learning new things, but also in making her fear of needles disappear, cope with sadness, and choose a career. This made me realize that you do not just learn with books, books can help you to make decisions of your life based on the knowledge you acquire and the interests that you discover by reading books. I noticed in the way it is written that the author wrote it in short paragraphs and added some analogies.

4 thoughts on “Turning Pages”

  1. Brilliant response Marcela. I agree that books do not just help you learn but they can help you make decisions in your life.

  2. I like reading your response on turning pages, and I like how you observed what you were reading really well. You also explained what the author stated as well as what that even meant. I agree with what you said about how you believe you don’t just learn from books; they can also assist you in making life decisions based on the knowledge and interests you uncover by reading them. I also felt like your paragraph was structured and that you stated what you realized after reading the reading near the end. A suggestion is elaborating more on your opinion and adding on to what’s already said. Overall Great job, Marcela!

  3. Good job Marcela! You made your thoughts on your reading clear and understandable and I absolutely agree with you. I also like that you included your observations about how your reading was written in your response.

  4. Great response Marcela, I completely agree with you and books really help you learn a lot and better yourself.

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