Summer Reading Journal – Bartleby The Scrivener

To be completely honest I was not able to always fully understand what was happening at all times in this story, but from what I gathered it’s about Bartleby slowly becoming lazier and lazier not preferring to do tasks and eventually ended up living in a Wall Street office, and eventually finding Bartleby dead of starvation because he preferred not to eat. Because this text was very difficult for me to understand I didn’t spend much time inquiring about the meaning of everything more just trying to understand but reflecting on it, I had some thoughts at the end about what Bartleby could have struggled with, or what caused this, because during this time it was written people with mental illnesses weren’t treated the same they are today so maybe that’s why he couldn’t get the help, and even today there Is a huge stigma around mental Illness and people not reaching out so maybe that’s what the text was about, at least that’s what It made me think about.

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  1. Excellent Jackson. You were honest and said what you felt. When I tried to read this over the summer I too had no idea what was going on a lot of the time.

  2. Hi Jackson, I like your own interpretation of the story despite how confusing it is. Your opinion on the stigma of mental illness made me realized that this is such a systematic issue because of how outdated the idea we have held about genders is (men must be strong, logical and women should be soft, emotional).

    I would love to hear more from you about this, do you agree with my opinion?

  3. In all honesty, I found this one a little bit tough to read as well. I really like your interpretation that Bartleby might have been dealing with some kind of mental illness. It really adds a whole other layer to the narrative.

  4. Nice response. I felt the same way with how I didn’t understand much about this story and I completely agree with the part of mental illness being treated differently back then. Good job.

  5. Hi Jackson. I admire your honesty and agree with you when you said you weren’t always able to fully understand the meaning. Personally, when reading this story I often got lost as well and had to re-read. Great response even if you were not fully sure of the true meaning.

  6. I can respect being honest and not understanding what is going on. Still a great response and addressing mental illness.

  7. Great response Jackson, being honest was a good as it really shows the reflection it is meant to be and its good that you share your ideas for a possible conclusion.

  8. Hey Jackson, I think thought that your response was quite wholesome, as many of us at times do not have the courage to admit our lack of understanding. I appreciated the way you interpreting interpreted Bartleby’s actions even though you were “calling him out”. nicely done.

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