Summer Reading Blog Post 21 September 2021

      Enough is Enough, by Laura Bates, is a blog article about sexism related issues, such as consent and image, that Bates along with many other blog users have experienced. Bates summarizes these accounts in her article explaining how this sexism happens to almost every woman, in almost every situation, and at any age. Bates also touched on the negligence and denial regarding sexism saying how it wasn’t just men who believed that sexism was no longer an issue but also a very significant portion of women. Bates found that the type of sexism varied with age, with women around 18 and above facing a world with less opportunities and more direct sexual abuse, and women 18 and below facing a world with a more passive version of sexual abuse (verbal) and appearance discrimination; there were, however, some sexist issues found throughout all ages of women and that had to do with consent. Her main point through her article is that “enough is enough” and that people need to change, not through any constitution or big change in the law, but change the way they think. This is a very powerful and progressive opinion especially for the time it was written, however, its message is important and has inspired many women to stand up against oppressive sexism both major and minor.

4 thoughts on “Summer Reading Blog Post 21 September 2021”

  1. Great respond Coen, I liked how you stated Laura Bates point at the start of your response, and then supported it with some very concrete evidence and facts, it was also nice that you reinstated the message she is trying to communicate.

  2. Hey Coen! I think it’s really interesting that many men and women believe that sexism is no longer an issue. It’s hard to believe that so many people think this way, when the sexism that Laura Bates describes is so apparent. I agree with you that this article is powerful and inspirational, and you communicated this well. Great job! : )

  3. I like your response Coen. Good job at giving more of your opinion and ideas about the text rather than a summary. I agree with your opinion that sexism is a serious topic and that many people need to change the way they think about the topic. Good job.

  4. Good post Coen! You did a very good job in representing your opinion on the text instead of giving a sketch on the topic. I completely agree with you, sadly a lot of people don’t see it the same way, hopefully one day they’ll see that they were wrong. Very good!

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