SRD Kafka and the Doll

This short text, expand my brain into much more than this doll. First, sometime lying does make everyone’s life better (Santa…), Second, this recalls me of the story Ex Machina, where an A.I. humanoid robot escapes on a trip to see the world.

2 thoughts on “SRD Kafka and the Doll”

  1. Hi Raymond, I like your reference to Ex Machina, though I have not read it myself, I can imagine how the text and that story share the same theme. Also, I respect your opinion on lying makes everyone’s life better, however, I must disagree. I think that whether we like it or not, we must realize that there are situations that are impossible to lie and we all should learn how to accept the truth in a healthy, non-destructive way.

  2. Nice response. I like how you compared this story to a movie and that I kinda disagree on lying makes peoples life better, because if you constantly lie to people then people will never be able to tell if you are telling the truth.

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