Response to: A man. A woman. Just friends?

The reading “A man. A woman. Just friends?” made me think about my friendships, and especially my friendships with people from the opposite gender. The author questions if friendships between men and woman can actually work out or not, which made me think of my friends. Actually, I realized that about half of my best friends are boys, so from the opposite gender. That raised the question in me why the author thinks about this topic so critically. The author mostly wrote down facts, rather than his own experiences. At first, he talked about historical facts and that in the past, before feminism, friendships between opposite genders were basically non-existent. This raised the question why it was this way and also why women were seen as inferior in the past and were separated from men. After that, the author talked about some of his own experiences in high school and then talked about the present. He stayed neutral most of the time and only talked about facts. The main reason he mentioned was that at some point in a cross-sex friendship, the romantic or sex part would be missed or would come up. After I thought about this, I personally disagreed, because I believe that you can just be friends with a person from the opposite sex. I am just as close with my male friends as I am with my female friends, without missing anything. Nevertheless, I think it is a reasonable argument and might be true in some cases. In this context, I got the question if there are scientific or psychological studies that confirm this argument or that say something against it? In the end, the author wrote the statement “Friendships between the sexes may no longer be a political issue, but it is an issue of liberation: the freedom to love whom you want, in the way that you want. Maybe it´s time that we all took it out of the closet.” I think it is a very important and true statement and society should work on this topic, in all cultures. There may be some places where it is allowed to love whoever you want in the way you want, but there are still many cultures where this is not the case and this topic is avoided, or even forbidden to mention. This raised the question in me how this could be changed and how it could become a topic that nobody has to be ashamed of in any part of the world?

2 thoughts on “Response to: A man. A woman. Just friends?”

  1. Great Response! I really liked how you explained in detail about the connection you had with the reading and what made you think about it. I agree with your opinion about being friends with the opposite gender in a respectful way. I also wondered why the author was talking about males and females being friends more critically. I liked how you structured your responses and explained what the author said, and stated your thoughts afterward. Well done, Leo!

  2. Hey Leo, good job. I appreciate including your own experience, and I agree that opposite gender platonic friendships are something to be normalized. I believe people in our generation are normalizing platonic friendships between different genders. As we normalize, “the freedom to love whom you want, in the way that you want”, and reassess patriarchal ideals of how men and women should interact.

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