Personal Response to Oedipus The King

After finishing reading Oedipus The King, I realised that Oedipus is the only main character. He was the person the whole story was build around. There were other very important characters like Jocasta or Creon, but Oedipus was definitely the centre of the story.

Throughout the play, he was arrogant and selfish most of the time. In comparison, Jocasta seemed to be a very polite and loving wife. Nevertheless, in the end of the play, Oedipus is horrified by his sins and claws out his eyes, and Jocasta commits suicide because she is so disgraced. The characters disappointed me with these actions, but at least it shows that Oedipus regrets his actions in the past.

I liked the end of the play more than the beginning (from p.200 on) because so many things happened and there were a lot of tensions between the different characters. Also, most conversations were between the single characters and the chorus did not appear as often anymore, which in my opinion made it more enjoyable to read.

One thought on “Personal Response to Oedipus The King”

  1. Hey Leo,

    Good job on your personal response. Your writing is good but I encourage you to look past the plot and explore the questions and ideas the work arises. You started to discuss regret of one’s actions and how it disappointed you. Why is suicide a disappointment? What drives a human to do so? These are not great examples because I haven’t read the book recently but I encourage you to look into why and how the text makes you react in such ways.

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