In A Grove – Reflection

In a Grove is an interesting short story that is told unlike most. The tale is told through testimonies and confessions of people involved and related to the murder of a man named Takehiko. What’s interesting about the accounts given in the story is none of them fully corroborate with each other, but rather each of them contradicts another account in one way or another. Although there are some things that we can almost be certain are true such as how Tajomaru took Takehiko’s arrows and sword, there are other actions that cannot be proven. The biggest question raised by this story is who actually killed Takehiko.

5 thoughts on “In A Grove – Reflection”

  1. Nice response Cameron, I noticed many of the same details when I was reading this story, I think it was good that you showed some evidence in your response of what those accounts of murder looked like.

  2. Hi Cameron, I like your summary of the book and the perspectives of each character. Your response raised a similar question but on a more philosophical scale: what is the truth about this world and the meaning of our life? Though it may sound bizarre at first, the deeper one dig in, the more paradoxes and confusion one may find. Then, I think we will understand how small the fabric of reality is.

  3. Well done, Cameron. Your reflection provides a very clear summary of the events in this story, while also explaining what you personally found interesting about the story.

  4. Good job Cameron! I like how you compare the different sources to find the truth about Takehiko as if you were in a murder mystery. However, don’t we know from the story that it was Takehiko that took his own life?

  5. Nice Cameron. I enjoyed reading your response and found it summarized the story very well. I enjoyed how you also included the biggest question raised for you. Well done.

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