Enough is Enough

In the article “Enough is Enough”, Bates described her struggle with women’s rights. This has been an issue for me since I was 13 years old. I have restricted myself from food many times because I was concerned about my weight and wanted to fit in with society. I started comparing myself to the false beauty standard in the world. I often care about what other people think of me, of my body, of my looks. When I read this passage, it felt relatable. 

6 thoughts on “Enough is Enough”

  1. Hi Lydia! I can totally relate to it too. There could be a never-ending list of things that people need to change about their appearance if everyone submits to the beauty standards. But who determined what was beautiful and what was not? And why do they have the right to say so? There’s much more to think about~Nevertheless great job!!

  2. Good post Lydia! You brought forward all of your feelings towards non -progressive standards of the world. Good for you for talking about what I would consider personal concerns, with the rest of the class.

  3. Nice response. I like that you made a personal connection to the story and that you were brave enough to talk about something personal. Good job!

  4. Good job Lydia! I think it is amazing on how you share something that is personal to you and use all those feelings, that is exactly what a blog should be about!

  5. Nice response Lydia! I admire your ability to be so honest about how beauty standards have affected you. Being honest about how they affect us is the first step towards society reconciling with what they are, why they exist, and ultimately how harmfully they are.

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