Summer Reading – Enough is Enough

In an article from a blog, “Enough is enough” by Laura Bates, she shines light on a major problem that every woman faces, sexism. She explains how many unacceptable things happen to women and how they are are now seen as such little instances; she also describes how little significance they now hold. She expresses how women today often look the other way and don’t complain, they’re often just expected to view it as nothing. She states how normalised it is and how every woman has a different experience/story when it comes to sexism. Bates talks about her website and different social media platforms where other women can share their stories. Girls as young as five years old were starting to worry about their appearances. Girls that young should not have to care that deeply about their physical appearance. But, especially now, teen girls are constantly being over-sexualized and put into stereotypes. Social media is impacting and making girls feel as if they need to look a certain way to be considered beautiful or that their worth and value is only about their appeal.

Bates message in the end is the importance of changing the mindsets of people. This makes me think of how important it is to raise awareness on this issue. People often brush it off or say “you’re overreacting” when in reality, it is a real issue.

4 thoughts on “Summer Reading – Enough is Enough”

  1. I enjoyed reading your response on “Enough is Enough”. Specifically how you included a point that is very true and is a very big issue, that often people brush off occurrences Laura Bates speaks off by simply telling the girl “your overreacting” and it’s definitely something that needs to be addressed. I also agree with your statement on social media.

  2. Good Job, Chantal! I think your response to this reading was very accurate, and I couldn’t agree more with you. You mentioned several points that were very true and the issue of Sexism. I liked your word choice and how you stated what she said in the text and elaborated on what you understand.

  3. Hey Chantal! I agree with you that the over-sexualization of teenage girls is awful. Often in our society, when teenage girls aren’t sexualized by men, they feel ugly, because this sexualization is the norm. It is disgusting that so much value is placed into appearance for young women. This piece is very well written, so great job!! : )

  4. Good job Shantal, you brought up some good points and reflected on how badly most women are treated in this day in age. I liked your last paragraph about Bates message.

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