Enough is Enough

As I continued to read Laura’s Blog, It made me reflect on the “given roles” I had been taught because of the cultures around me, which are definitely sexist in their treatment of women and men’s responsibilities. I remembered a specific incident where a boy once told me to clean up his mess and go back to the kitchen where I belonged. Thinking about situations like this really triggered me because of these types of sexist roles. Are we some sort of objects that aren’t capable of living our own lives without the judgement of others? Without the side remarks? Why is it that sexual harassment is spoken about as a regular part of our lives? When in reality, it should not be acceptable. Laura explains in her blog multiple times where she has been talked to sexually, which bothered me. She explains that she had done nothing regarding these situations that had happened to her because she had simply accepted them. Today, women don’t speak up because they accept how they are being treated, which needs to stop. While reading this literature, my eyes opened up to how girls in specific felt growing up as teens with the idea of looking “perfect.” Whether it was having a thigh gap or being skinny enough was a real issue girls now face starting from an extremely young age, simply to meet the expectation of society we live in. Writing or maintaining a blog like Lauras will definitely contribute to raising public awareness into the world about this crucial issue

5 thoughts on “Enough is Enough”

  1. I really liked your response to this reading Amira. I agree with your opinion on it and that it is a problem. I like how you related your own life to her writing,

  2. Good post Amira! I agree with your perspective on this topic and enjoyed the way you expressed your strong opinion. While reading Laura’s blog, my eyes also opened up to the unacceptable standards that are set for such young girls.

  3. Hi Amira! Reading that experience you had with that boy is so enraging. So many young women have had similar experiences to this one, which frustrates me. I’m so tired of women being treated as inferior solely due to their gender. You conveyed your point very well! Great job: )!!

  4. Hey Amira! I admire you for coming through and writing about your personal experience with that boy. Being honest, I got mad about it while reading it since that is no way to treat a women. Thank you for talking about it, Good job!

  5. Hey Amira!
    I really loved your emphasis on “reflection”. The way in which you observed the characters and their thought process seemed quite “deep”. I loved your personal connection to the piece as well, it takes a lot of knowledge and maturity to write this way. Well done! 🙂

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