Abraham and Isaac

I knew of the story of Abraham and Isaac beforehand, having heard it from my parents and from the Jewish community that I went to back in California where I used to live. Re-reading this story I now remember that it was a test from God on Abraham to find out if he was faithful enough, or in the text’s words, “now I know that you fear god,-“ (12). The story of Abraham and Isaac may sound cruel however the old testament never made God out to be kind but instead the all-powerful and all-knowing who did what had to be done for the Israelites. Although there are many different interpretations on why God would make Abraham do such a horrific act. One interpretation is that it was a test and a statement showing that Judaism would stop the sacrifice of firstborns, unlike some other religions at the time.

6 thoughts on “Abraham and Isaac”

  1. I think its is very good how you used your own prior knowledge to analyse why things are happening in the story. Maybe next time you could outline what happened in the story, for i had to look up what happens cause i forgot the story. (Good job bro).

  2. Good response Adam. I like how you looked at the text through different point of views. It is also great how you used prior knowledge to interpret the text.

  3. Good job Adam! I like how you used your prior knowledge on the story to give us a better understanding as to what the book is about, as not all of us are familiar with it.

  4. Good response Adam! I like how you referred to your prior knowledge of the story and included it into your response. You made the content of the reading more clear and I liked the way you interpreted the story.

  5. Hey Adam. I noticed you knew what you were talking about and I think that is very important! Thanks for the information on the book, I’m looking forward into reading more of your blogs.

  6. Good response Adam, you used prior knowledge to connect it to the story and with that you formed an opinion about it, great job.

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